Introducing ART@HOME – an initiative by Little Bird Place, where art leaves the gallery and enters your home!


  • You liked an artwork, but you’re not sure if it’s yours?
  • Hesitating between several artworks?
  • Want to give a painting as a gift, but you have a hard time deciding?


It is easy:

  1. Choose 1-3 artworks from the category ART@HOME.
  2. Contact us by filling the form under a painting from the category ART@HOME; by emailing us:; or by calling us on: +359 2 426 80 80, +359 88 233 13 50
  3. The gallery team will deliver the artwork(s) of your choice to your place.
  4. You have 3 days to see and feel the artwork(s) at your home or office, or choose it as a gift
  5. Decide whether to buy the artwork(s) or we’ll take them back.


  • The transportation and the artwork “rental” are free of charge!
  • No prior financial commitments!
  • At this stage we can deliver artworks only on the territory of Sofia city!
  • You can also provide the address of a loved-one and surprise them not only by giving them an art gift, but also by giving them the option to choose it themselves.



Search by author or category for artworks, tagged with ART@HOME


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