Presentation of “Wild Apples” by Henry David Thoreau

Presentation of “Wild Apples” by Henry David Thoreau

“Kryg Publishing” and “Little Bird Place Gallery” invite you to meet the translator of “Wild Apples” Albena Bakratcheva.

This meeting is dedicated to the famous American philosopher and writer from XIX century Henry David Thoreau. While enjoying a cozy environment we will talk about the interesting persona of Thoreau, who inspired Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., who also preferred to live in the woods and not surrounded by people.

The reason for this meeting is the newly published edition of his notorious essays, which are, for the first time presented in Bulgarian language in a separate edition. The compilation has been dedicated to his 200-th anniversary of his birth since 1817. Ralph Waldo Emerson used to call Thoreau the most authentic American, who ever lived.

We are going to discuss his views on wildlife, his eco-causes and his political struggles after which he wrote his most famous essay “Civil Disobedience”. “Civil Disobedience” eventually became the transitioning headline of former communist states.

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