LOOK – Ecology and Technology

Exhibition Project in four galleries-


31 March – 21 April 2022


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Idea and concept: Rositsa Getsova

Curators: Rositsa Getsova and Elizabeth Thallauer

The loss of the symbiotic relationship between man and nature is rightly considered a result of the effects of industrialized culture since the knowledge of this interrelationship is no longer a synonym of survival and becoming acquainted with the world.

The human relationship with digital technologies is already bordering on a form of symbiosis. They take up an immense part of our time, change our thinking patterns and thus our attitude to the surrounding world.

However dystrophic it may sound, the development of new technologies in various scientific fields, new models of thinking and new ethics is our chance to rethink, critically and effectively, how we can restore our relationship with nature from the point of view of the modern conception of the world.

Meanwhile many creators deal with this problem. Taking the complex road of artistic research and interdisciplinary techniques, they concentrate on topics such as digital ecosystems, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, reintegration of ecosystems in urban conditions.

Eva Davidova, Elizabeth Thallauer, Iglika Christova, Sophia Grancharova and Sasho Stoitzov offer us their visual answers. Irrational answers, moving borders, provoking the stereotypes of perception. They ask, in different ways, the questions of man’s place, his view of the world, his relationship with nature and new technologies. With interest, we will trace their points of contact.

Opening at 06:00 p.m. on 31 March, 2022, simultaneously in all galleries

Arosita Gallery
Eva Davidova, Sasho Stoitzov
12B Vrabcha St, Sofia

Depoo Gallery
Elizabeth Thallauer
12B Vrabcha St, Sofia

Charta Gallery
Sophia Grancharova
12B Vrabcha St, Sofia

Little Bird Place Gallery
Iglika Christova, Sasho Stoitzov
7, 11th August St, Sofia



The project is implemented with the financial support of National Culture Fund and the MFG Foundation

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