“Love is False” exhibition by Gergana Ivanova

“Love is False” exhibition by Gergana Ivanova


25.04.2024 – 12.05.2024

Opening: 25.04.2024 (Thursday): 6:00 – 9:00 pm

 Little Bird Place, 1000 Sofia, str. “11-th August” 7

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“Love is False” is Gergana Ivanova’s first solo exhibition, exploring the concept of love as both real and false. Through a mixed media art project, Ivanova delves into the complexities of relationships, using recycled computer motherboards and vintage couple photographs. 

The computer motherboard symbolizes communication, much like the intricate components of a computer system. It questions whether people meet by chance or if their encounters are predestined. Similarly, the project examines how communication plays a vital role in romantic relationships and influences the authenticity of love. 

Vintage couple photographs, sourced from flea markets and antique shops, capture moments when love was perceived as genuine. However, over time, the project questions the authenticity of love and its susceptibility to societal pressure and personal desires.


By juxtaposing computer motherboards and antique couple photographs, the project aims to highlight the dichotomy of love and the fragility of relationships. Ultimately, “Love is False” seeks to provoke reflection and dialogue on the concept of love and its perception. It challenges prejudices about love and encourages discussions on what it truly means to love and be loved.



Gergana Ivanova was born in 1996 in Montana, Bulgaria.

She completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Graphic Art and Printmaking at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, as well as a second specialization in Theory

and Practice of Art Education.


Through her art, she seeks to recreate the ideas of the origin and form of humanity in our three-dimensional world, combining different medias. She is a winner of the National Academy of Arts award for the Bachelor’s degree – Dom Wittgenstein Summer Academy in Vienna. She is also one of the selected artists at the 10th International Graphic Triennale in Bitola 2021.


She participated in many exhibitions and events in the country and abroad, including ones held in Dubai, Italy, Turkey, Germany, etc. She’s been part of various workshop programs such as “Museum of Unconditional Invisibility” – a master class by Teodor Ushev, Theater of the Senses, and she has also participated in the residency programs of ECHO III “For memory’s sake” – Bucharest Visual Arts Residency, Little Bird Place Artist Residency, NeoNlitic2 installation project and more.


In 2022, she was one of the selected artists at the sixth edition of the festival 180° – Laboratory for Innovative Art, presented at the Goethe Institute, Defy The Status Quo, Æther Haga, Hague, the Netherlands (2023)/ DOZA, Sofia (2023). Last year was part of the Biennale of the Western Balkans and AI AI-Sunderland Pavilion of the Wrong Biennale – Priestman Gallery, United Kingdom.

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