SEAS AND SWAMPS – exhibition by Gergana Tabakova

26.05. – 12.06.2022

Little Bird Place Gallery

Opening: 26.05.2022 (Thursday), 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm.


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The Seas and Swamps series focus on the dynamics of both the surface and depth of different areas of water.

The two bodies of water depicted in the painting series mark the boundaries of the field in which human experiences take place. This space is reflected in the dynamic and fluid compositions that form for the viewer planes existing in a state of flux.

 Water is often associated with emotions and change. It might be because of that water often provokes reflection on human’s own internal fluctuating motion. The pictured water states represent the polar signs, the contrasts in between which the existence happens.

However, at some point in the compositions, the essential characteristics of both poles are lost. This effect of the series comes as a provocation towards the observer to review the fixed meanings of “swamp” and “sea” and gives him the opportunity to reconsider the stereotypical figurative understanding of them. In addition to rethinking the visual perception, the spectator has also an opportunity to rethink the human states and stages which are rarely unambiguousas the water conditions.

Gergana Tabakova, May 2022



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