16.12.2021 – 14.01.2022

Opening: 16.December, 4:00-9:00 pm.

Nora Ampova kick-started 2021 with “The Pink Diary” for the collective exhibition “20×20 TRANS FORMAT” curated by Antoaneta Quick at the Little Bird Place Gallery in January.
Now, several art projects later, Nora presents the exhibition “Total Internal Reflection” at the same gallery space on 7 August 11 street, Sofia 1000.
With this project the artist completes a cycle of paintings created and shown throughout the year. Alongside artworks in various media, Nora will present her first catalogue, showcasing her creative output in 2021. The catalogue is published with the support of the Little Bird Place Gallery and the National Fund “Culture”- programme “Visual Arts” 2021.
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“I chose Total Internal Reflection as the title of my latest artistic cycle because it contains a duality, and it embodies my messages and explorations.
In science, this is an optical phenomenon of reflection and refraction of light between two surfaces. At the same time, its figurative meaning reveals new horizons of the imagination.
As an artist, I am fascinated by the process of examination and study of light. I feel that it holds all answers, even to questions with no perceptible form.
I have expressed Total Internal Reflection through paintings and sculptures, where light and reflection tell stories. The stories’ protagonist can be disputed because the reflection is often a mirror or an added filter, in which we see ourselves in a “better” light, even if this is just an illusion”, Nora Ampova

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