Thorny Summer

30.July – 01.September 2021
Opening: 30.July, 4pm – 9pm


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The “Thorny Summer” exhibition presents four artists based in Berlin – Vikenti Komitski, Jazoo Yang, Francisco Montoya Cazarez and Ties Ten Bosch. Different by origin and authorial pursuits, they are united by the free-thinking of the contemporary Berlin scene, which has become a focal point of their careers and acquaintances.


The idea of ​​the exhibition is a metaphor for an ironic conflict that tears apart the daily life of almost every active person. Our desire to be free and happy is in constant contradiction with all sorts of factors that limit our aspirations. From our simple everyday life to our existential sense of reality, this conflict materializes in thoughts, feelings, decisions, and events that range from the tragic to the ridiculous…


Because our every thought of travel, adventure and enjoyment is instantly commensurate with the time and resources we have. Each of our impulses for immediate expression of emotions and feelings is demandingly weighted out by the social environment. Each of our ideas is in duel with all the ideas known to mankind, and the contribution of each of our achievements can be extinguished, once seen from the tower of our apocalyptic future.


This absurdity is concentrated in ourselves. It pushes us into the poles of meaning and meaninglessness, manifesting itself in a variety of forms. From our desire to get drunk and show the middle finger to the whole world, to the idealistic desire to overcome all the insurmountable things of life. That is why the summer is thorny. It is sunny, but too hot, the sea is great, but care must be taken, one can relax, but only for a socially responsible period of time, the election is over, but the result is the same, life is wonderful, but it is going away.


✷ Curator: Radoslav Mehandzhiyski


⇨ Vikenti Komitski (Berlin, born in Sofia) – Author working in a variety of media – objects, installations, videos, drawings – with numerous participations and solo exhibitions in Europe and the United States. At the exhibition in Little Bird Place, he will present a series of drawings, paintings and collages – some of them created especially for the project.

⇨ Jazoo Yang (Berlin, born in South Korea) – An artist with a conceptual expression who often works with natural elements, as well as with found objects and materials. The exhibition will feature several works from the series “Immanence (Stolen Time)”, realized through accidentally discovered materials, as well as a series of painted photographs.

⇨ Francisco Montoya Cazarez (Berlin, born in Mexico) – main focus of the author is drawing and painting. Among the exhibition, there will be presented a series of spontaneous and impulsively executed works, that manage to reflect a complex mixture of moods, combining social commitment and humor.

⇨ Ties Ten Bosch (Berlin, born in Holland) – The artist works with absolutely diverse media, the common in the implementation of the projects is the way of conceptualizing the topic and the materials that interest him. His latest series of works was performed within the international art residence based in the village of Tsarimir, IMAGO International Artist Residency ( – the material is layers of posters, taken down from the street walls. In the exhibition you will see a work from this series.

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