Might be a sweater on the floor, 2021, collage, 70 х 70 cm.

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Collage – cutouts of prints of digitally generated shapes, based on photos of objects. Paper, adhesive paper, adhesive tape, labels, markers.

“In this collage series I created my own digital images based on photographs of objects, printed them and used the prints for collage pieces. 

I was interested in the visual content of everyday objects without inherent artistic value, which could be found in inhabited indoor environments. It’s an attempt to reveal the non-obvious visual information through their physical, digital or compositional deformation; it’s also a search for an unadulterated visuals that are not serving an agenda or a practical function, and so relate to the non-conceptiual dimension of experience that can never be comprehensively communicated”

*Peter Chinovsky is a visual artist based in Varna, Bulgaria. He studied visual communication and animation in Art College, Sofia, and later graduated from the printmaking department of Veliko Tarnovo University. Peter has participated in multiple national and international group exhibitions. His works are part of private collections in Europe, USA, China and Japan. Peter’s experience in learning and teaching languages further intensified his natural fascination by the examination of the process of translating raw experience into symbolic languages and the breaking down of human communication.


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