Bloom I, 2021, Egg tempera on wood, 25 х 20 cm.

2,350.00 лв.

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“Bloom I” has been painted in the first days of January, 2021. The type of plant presented is not accidental, at least for me…  This is one of the rarest flower species in Bulgaria – Viola delphinantha, which I searched hard for 3 years. The depiction of the violet in this very unusual place on the one hand expresses opposition (pleasant-unpleasant), and on the other hand reflects on the natural things in us, which we more or less try to change or hide. The materials used are egg tempera on wooden board – the same used to paint icons. The specific greenish, slightly cold carnation, the layering of numerous translucent layers on a darker background, the clear shapes, somewhere slightly stylized, conditional and decorative, are somewhat reminiscent of the traditions of icon painting. “, Lyuben Domozetski, 2021

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