Leshten II, 2020, hand-pulled screen print, combined with exposure film, 70 х 50 cm.

590.00 лв.


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The project “Leshten” by Yael Taig is a part of the resident program of the “Little Bird Place” gallery andconveys the mood, caused by the small details in the village of Leshten. During her stay in the residency, she prints the plants that surround her. Returning to Sofia, she enlarged the images and printed them with screen printing. She places the prints in frames with boxes, and behind the glass she places the plate, with the help of which the images are exposed on the sieve – exposure film. This creates images where plants develop their history. The composition is devoid of color, plot and circumstance, so that the viewer can “sit on the veranda” and feel the Western Rhodopes as a personal experience.

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