Stones from Different Mountains 10, 2020, Monotype, 20 x 20 cm.

200.00 лв.

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Zoran Mishe is born in Ohrid, but has been living and working in Sofia for eighteen years. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts – graphics (bachelor, master). He is currently a teacher at NUII “Ilia Petrov” – specialization graphics and is part of the graphic studio PRINT NEST.

“Stones from different mountains” is a series of graphic prints. For me, this is a comparison with us humans –  we all come from different parts of the world and no matter how diverse and different we are, there is one thing we cannot escape – and that is that we are part of this planet …

The series consists of 12 artworks – 6 framed (22x22cm) and 6 without frames (20x20cm). All artworks are with the technique “MONOTYPE” – they are originals and unique, printed on “ARCHES” paper – 280g.

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