In My Palette, 2014, oil, varnish on canvas, 150 x 95 cm.

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Bulgarian painter Lyube Petrov (*1984) majored in wall painting in 2007 in an art academy in Sofia. His studies concentrated mainly on mastering the technique and craft in the spirit of realism. Petrov still concentrates on the composition and a well thought formal structure in his traditional figural motives. From his birth country of Bulgaria he has brought the influences of Boyan Dobrev, Ivo Bistrichki or Andrei Daniel. After moving to the Czech Republic he studied Fine Arts in Martin Maier’s studio and finished in 2011.

Because of the global connection between the society, culture and the tradition, the author looks at the topics from two different angles. He combines the traditional features with links to phenomena of the current consumer society (comics, films) and with the help of this ironic mythology he creates a whole new reality or rather appreciates his cultural heritage. Playfully and entertainingly he connects the past with the present and with his artistic imagination he puts in front of us a vision of the future or perhaps a mysterious space of timelessness? Lyube Petrov explores not only the inexhaustibility of the canvas but also the purpose of human existence through the bizarre characters, who demonstrate the power of thought of a being facing the apocalypse. The figures become the superheroes of our future.

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