WE ARE HAPPY TOGETHER, 2021, hand pulled screen print, 3 screens, limited edition of 30, 100 х 70 cm.

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Nadezhda Georgieva – Nad holds a Master’s degree in Artistic Psycho-Social Practices and Psychodrama and a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and Communications. Illustrator and freelance graphic designer, participant in a number of groups and two solo exhibitions.

She is founder of Sito Studio, the first shared space for serigraphy in Bulgaria, where she leads groups of people and trains those who want to learn what serigraphy is and how to do it. Nadezhda is really involved into printmaking and hand printing all her artistic works. One of the authors and project manager of the book “Screen printing. Basic steps in the technology” (in Bulgarian).

In her work as an artist, Nadezhda is interested in human relationships, emotions, feelings, empathy and the bipolarity of life in general. She often draws character animals, in which people can easily see themselves and understand in their way the preconceived message of the work.

In the print “We Are Happy Together” Nadezhda tries to recreate the connection between people and biological world. An apparent idyll, a paradise, a creation, but also an opportunity for sin, an unhappy cat who statically watches the merriment of other realistic-unrealistic creatures. The specific thing in the work is the technique and the approach. Nadezhda uses 3 screens with the three main colors for printing (cyan, magenta, yellow), which when handpulled overlays each other and creates 7 colors.

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