Immanence no. 26, 2020, намерени обекти, смола, 24.5 x 19.5 x 2 см.

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Jazoo Yang’s ‘Immanence series’ is an amalgamation of the diverse, the distant, and the disregarded. Formed of the lost fragments of urban life that Yang rescues before their inevitable disappearance – remnants of a building’s outer walls, scraps of wallpaper from an interior, the remains of antique tiles –these often silent, ignored objects are here magnified from the mundane, framed to acknowledge the immensity of the intimate. Yet what we see in Yang’s works could easily have been taken from the space in which they hang. Yang’s works, however, show how the past, present, and future are fused in the very materiality of walls.


Artist Bio

Jazoo Yang is a Berlin-based artist, originally from South Korea. She began her artistic practice in painting and is now a mixed media artist. In her transition to become a professional artist, Yang spent weekends, breaking into construction sites and painted on the walls of the half-torn buildings. From these seemingly uninhabitable sites came the remaining residents who either refused to leave their homes or did not have the resources to move. Yang listened to their life stories and stories of the sites. This experience in transitory space turned out to be formative to her current undertaking that confronts urban development and co-existence. From painting, Yang took a step further to producing works with found objects to visualize urban memory. These materials, bethey remnants of old buildings, hosepipe, or wallpaper fragments, were originally embedded in the city andliterally gave it a shape. By holding these pieces of memory together, Yang lays bare the process of an identity-in-the-making. Through the course, the objects negotiate with each other and their habitus, and eventually bear marks of each other. Probing the fault line between organic and inorganic elements that make up the urbanscape, Yang recently extended her practice to filmmaking and installation to navigate the web of co-existence.

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