Sara, 2021, обект, намерени плакати и акрил, 76 х 67 x 21 см.

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Ties Ten Bosch (NL, 1977) praxis is characterized by a provocative surrealistic approach of actual everyday traces that we leave behind. He integrates these banal tracks with social, political and current issues as a paradox and thereby alienates them from their everyday life. This often leads to works that result in an unceasing questioning of viewing habits and of sculpture itself. With these works, the artist creates an alternative storyline of reality itself. It makes the viewer question everything that is part of our own presence. Although Ties tryes to grasp and control a certain process and method of working, he is trying to avoid understanding the outcome of his own work and in this way, the viewer has more chance to understand the work in his or her own way.

“In my practice, the subject is the starting point. This results in a wide variety of approaches, different mediums I work with and new aesthetic solutions to communicate my ideas. This is why, on first view, each series of works might look like they are made by different artists. But once you start to understand the way I look at the world, things will become obvious and clear. In a practical sense, I use everything I see around me in my work. I take it, twist it, combine it and put it out in the world again.”, Ties Ten Bosch

Since 2013 Ties Ten Bosch works and lives in and Berlin. He has been involved in several artistic collaborations, such as: Volksrekorders (www., hOUTSKOOL (an analog art-zine), the B.a.d-foundation ( and currently with If Paradise Is Half As Nice (

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