Живот, 2024, Фотография, полароидна манипулация, 64 x 54 см (с рамката)

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„Deep Diving : HER“ is a visual exploration of femininity. Through photographic mosaics of close-ups and details of flowers, Johana Trayanova invites reflection on the diversity of female states and essence.
Each mosaic of 20 details represents an abstract portrait of a flower selected by the author. Trayanova delves into delicate contours and nuances, aiming for an intimate perspective that reveals the complex relationships between overt and discreet manifestations of femininity and the female experience. The photographs capture folds, layers, and hidden aspects, offering a spectrum of sensations – from stillness to movement, closeness to distance, tenderness to cruelty. Multiple facets of female identity disperse and converge repeatedly.
The medium of instant film is preferred due to its ability to transform after exposure and the opportunity to „play“ with its emulsion. These experiments, conducted by Johana Trayanova with her polaroids, further complicate the interpretation of the mosaics and broaden the field for viewer interpretation.

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