LITTLE BIRD for Turkey and Syria – campaign to support the victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The campaign ended on 19.02 – collected BGN 6483.75 – see report below


sales report turkey feb 23


LITTLE BIRD for Turkey and Syria

Campaign to support the victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria


See all artworks HERE! You will get 10% discount of the listed prices!


Little Bird Place Gallery together with Bulgarian visual artists launch a campaign to support the people who suffered from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Fundraising will take place through the sale of artworks in two channels:

  • Pop-up exhibition and sale of works on site in the gallery – from Monday to Wednesday (13-15.02) – 13:30 – 19:00
  • Sale of works from the gallery website – – from Monday to Sunday (13-19.02) – follow the event and the selected works on the gallery website and Facebook

In order to be more affordable, all artworks in the campaign will be 10% off the regular prices in the gallery.

The visual artists provide their artworks completely free of charge and the gallery will donate the full amount of the sales to the victims.

The collected funds will be transferred from the gallery to the donation account of Manol Peykov, publisher and public figure, who has gained extensive experience in donation initiatives. They will be distributed according to current needs in the affected areas, at his discretion.

Thank you in advance to all the visual artists who joined the initiative and donated their works! And also to the people who chose to buy them! Thus, they also support the cause and  the victims of this devastating earthquake.

The gallery will publish on its website and on Facebook a complete list of the artists who supported the initiative, as well as information on how the collected funds are distributed.

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