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We present to you 20×20 Trans Format, a group exhibition of 20 contemporary Bulgarian artists, limited to creating in 20×20 cm format, but without external interference in their internal state.


The format is special and challenging, symmetrical and open to interpretation. Set not only to commemorate this unprecedented year, but also born of the need to accept our limitations in order to find new ways to break and overcome them. And for the proper sending of 2020, we will collect, assemble, glue and exhibit at Little Bird Place this eclectic square collage, carefully selected and chaotically arranged by Antoaneta Quick.


Premiere: 22.12.2020, 12:00-22:00 h., with no physical proximity and tactile communication.


Last screening: 31.01.2021



Ana Avramova :: Andrian Bekyarov :: Atanas Levakov :: Atanas Hranov :: Zoran Mishe :: Ivo Iliev – Yeto :: J.Pank :: Kalia Kalacheva :: Kokimoto :: Maria Alexandrova :: Lyuben Domozetski :: Nikolay Dimchevski – Nika :: Nora Ampova :: Svetoslav Anev :: Stela Vasileva :: Stoyan Hitrov – Stoyanin :: Teodor Nedev :: Yavor Boyanov :: Yasen Zgurovski :: Antoaneta Quick


Collage and arrangement director: Antoаneta Quick

By idea and invitation of: Rossen Uzunov




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