Bodies of Land . Zachari Logan

Curator: Lyuben Domozetski

Little Bird Place Gallery

Sept 9th  – Sept 30th 2021

Opening – Sept 9th, 5:00 pm.

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In September 2021, Little Bird Place presents artist Zachari Logan for the first time in Bulgaria with his exhibition Bodies of Land.

Zachari is a Canadian visual artist (born 1980), in whose work the relationship between man and nature holds a special place. Painting and drawing are the media he often works in and sometimes these media transition or overlap. Also, in recent years the artist has created site-specific drawings on the walls of galleries and museums, and increasingly has delved into ceramic installations. Man is part of nature, but also has a nature of his own, one that shapes his behavior, desires and deeds. The artist creates curious connections between Renaissance art, scientific illustration, tales of fictional characters and contemporary topics, and places them in the realm between the real and the imaginary. In the works of Zachari Logan plants and animals intertwine, creating human figures, birds appear to communicate with Logan’s own likeness, The artist’s face, without a trace of disgust or fright, is strewn with insects, his body is covered with butterflies. His lips, beard, hair, penis, eyes, limbs become a habitat for flowers and birds or transform into parts of plants and animals. Similar renderings of metamorphosis occur in Logan’s ceramic works as well.

The current show presents 14 artworks, some of which have been created especially for Little Bird Place. These works represent milestones in Zachari Logan’s art – the depiction of the male body, the self-portrait as an expression of particular ideas, queer subjects, sexuality, social stereotypes, human presence. In addition to this, the artist has decided to create a series of images on the walls of the gallery. Including the wall drawing into the show adds to its exciting and unexpected artistic choices. The exhibition is also complemented by a catalog. Apart from the artworks on display in the gallery, this catalog also includes some earlier ones, which are essential in Zachari Logan’s growth as an artist. This is the first publication by Little Bird Place and the gallery announces its intention to continue documenting certain exhibitions through catalogs.

Lyuben Domozetski

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