THE LITTLE POD – exhibition by Vasil Angelov

Opening – 11.05.2023 (Thursday) – 6:00 – 9:00 pm


“The Little Pod is my great inspiration,” says the artist Vasil Angelov, who will present his prints in the Little Bird Place gallery. The show consists of graphic artworks, executed through  the classic mezzotinto technique, a rare and difficult technique created in the 17th century.


“The birth of every new life is the culmination of nature. She is everything and everywhere. She is love, She is sleep deprivation, She is both beauty and the beast, She has the most beautiful laugh, She loves pizza, dinosaurs and… . other things, She is mom and dad’s baby, She is the greatest work of nature, She is Iva – the Little Pod.”, V. Angelov, 2023


The project was implemented with the financial support of the National Fund “Culture” under the program “One-year grant – 2022”

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