SANCTUARIES – еxhibition by Dimitar Solakov

13.09 – 06.10.2022
Opening – 13.09.2022 – 17:00 – 21:00
Little Bird Place Gallery
Curator: Vessela Nozharova

In the exhibition “Sanctuaries”, the artist Dimitar Solakov talks about a possible future of the world. No white caps of glaciers, no vast frozen land, no nature, a world where global warming has finally happened. The earth is no longer habitable, so the human species sets off to new planets in search of refuge.

The series of paintings called Exodus is dedicated to exactly this dark scenario. The planet Earth, seen from space, and around it, like little white bubbles, are departing capsules with fugitives looking for a new planet. The story, told not without a sense of humor, actually paints an optimistic version of the future. After all, even when the end has come, people are still there, looking for new opportunities.

The theme of the destruction of the planet is at the heart of a large kinetic installation as well. In a series of boxes – “sanctuaries”, a slice of natural landscape is unfolded. Green grass, twigs with leaves and fruits, and a small insect rhythmically moving diagonally. A still life, a beautiful aquarium full of imitation of life, illuminated by a cool neon light. Are we capable of liking the real nature after the visual oversaturation of social media-corrected reality?

Elsewhere in the exhibition, the artist writes in neon two inscriptions: Permafrost (the eternally frozen earth) and Ice Caps (the white caps of the glaciers). The words pulsate anxiously.

The entire work of Dimitar Solakov to date has been dedicated to ecology, broadly understood, both in a scientific and in a personal life plan. Such are the exhibition projects “Future-Selves” (2021), “Let Humanity Tip Over. I Need Fewer Priorities.” (2020), the exhibition “Self-Portraits” in Structura gallery, reflecting the author’s life in the period 2018-2020, years of isolation and careful building of the personal ecosystem, etc.

V. Nozharova, 2022


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Dimitar Solakov (b. 1987) graduated from the New Bulgarian University in Sofia from the Department of Photography. The artist uses a wide range of media, including photography, video, drawings, paintings, 3d printed objects. In his work, he investigates various types of connections – between nature, urbanisation and the human placed in the middle; between the past and its interpretations in the present. The works could be either very personal or completely detached from the position of the distanced observer. His works have been shown in numerous international shows, some of which are: “Contact”, Radiator gallery (New York,USA), “25th Gabrovo Biennial of Humor and Satire – Economies of Means” (Gabrovo, Bulgaria), “Chronicles of the Future Superheroes”, Kunsthalle Bega (Timișoara, Romania), ”The Artist-Collector’s Dream (a nice thing)” Galleria Continua (San Gimignano, Italy), “Cosmopolis #2”, Centre Pompidou (Paris, France), “SUPERPOSITION: Art of Equilibrium and Engagement”, 21st Biennale of Sydney (Sydney, Australia), “What is Left”, (Vienna, Austria), “The Pleasures of Love” (Belgrade, Serbia), “The Power of Doubt” Times Museum(Guangzhou, China), Bienal de Cuenca XI (Cuenca, Ecuador), PHotoEspaña (Madrid, Spain), GRID Photographie Biennal (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), “Ritual Of The Habitual” (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), Sofia Contemporary (Sofia, Bulgaria), “All I Can Do Is Art” (Prague, Czech Republic). He has had one-person shows in Structura gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria), Vivacom ArtHall (Sofia, Bulgaria), Incubate (Tilburg, The Netherlands), Heerz Tooya gallery (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria), Credo Bonum Gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria), SarievContemporary (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), 0gms (Sofia, Bulgaria), Vaska Emanuilova Gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria).

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