Barely Unwrapped, 2021, sculpture – textile, gypsum plaster, glue, 100 х 90 x 9 cm

1,400.00 лв.

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“The starting point of this piece called ‘’Barely Unwrapped’’ was this sort of paradox: how to frame a frame? In other words, how to put in the center of the attention something that is supposed to be at the periphery. How to enhance an object that has usually no other purpose that enhancing what is presented. For me, to fix the frame out of its package, just unwrapped, in this transitional state, as we could see it before it got installed, gives it a time dimension, it makes clear that it has been packed, stocked, transported, taken care of. This is a way to link its own specific history to the object.”, А. Strantsouzin, 2021   

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