Bridge, 2020, Installation – veralite, ink, cord, soil and herbs, 40 х 65 x 30 cm.

650.00 лв.

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“A person realizes the connection with nature only when he pull away from the hurry, the pressure ,the loud and overcrowded town. You see this when you separate from the artificially created and sink into the natural. With this bridge I am trying to recreate the connection human-nature. The images on the structure are the genes, which are bending around the line of evolution(the cord),showing the connection human-nature in evolutionary-genetical way. The whole structure is balanced by the cord and the soil. The soil is the only thing that is left behind from any living organism. I perceive it like a conductor between the person and the nature. Every time when you bury your feet into the soil in your yard or walk barefoot through the forest you feel pure ,free and in someway different ,this is exactly because of the connection to the natural circuit, to which we belong ,but rarely we connect.”, A. Lazarkov

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