Zodiac 8 – Virgo, 2015, mezzotint, 15 x 15 cm. (not framed)

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Mezzotint is a printmaking process of the intaglio family, technically a drypoint method. It was the first tonal method to be used, enabling half-tones to be produced without using line- or dot-based techniques like hatching, cross-hatching or stipple. Mezzotint achieves tonality by roughening a metal plate with thousands of little dots made by a metal tool with small teeth, called a “rocker”. In printing, the tiny pits in the plate retain the ink when the face of the plate is wiped clean. This technique can achieve a high level of quality and richness in the print.

Vasil Angelov (b. 1987) – Graduated from the National Art Academy in Sofia. He uses classical etching techniques in his work to recreate contemporary forms and subjects.

Vasil Angelov is a member of the well-known art group PRINT NEST in Bulgaria – again dedicated to the graphic arts as a specific approach to art.

In 2017, Vasil won first prize in the 10th International Graphic Triennial in Kochi, Japan. Some of his most recent appearances are: 2019 International Mezzotint Festival, Ekaterinburg, Russia; 2019 Roses and Lions: Combined Exlibris Exhibition, Milan-Italy, Varna-Bulgaria; 2019 The Blue Rocket Project – Mecotint Exhibition – Traveling, France, Ekaterinburg; 2019 Exhibition With 12 hands, Rakursi Gallery; 2019 Evolution Group Exhibition at PRINT NEST Studio, UPARK gallery, Plovdiv; 2019 Entwined: Paths of experience group exhibition, OBORISHTE5 Gallery, Sofia.



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